The celebrity lifestyle is something that many of us are fascinated by. Whether it's their home life, net worth, or scandalous drama that they are involved in, many of us have an interest in celebrity news and lifestyles. I particularly enjoy writing about celebrities that have a connection to Massachusetts. Whether they were born here, live here have relatives here, or spend part of their time here, I like to brag about their Massachusetts connection, and why not? There's plenty of beauty and things to do in the Bay State. Whether it's the hustle and bustle of bigger cities like Boston, Worcester, and Springfield or the smaller but exciting and active happenings of towns/cities like Great Barrington, Williamstown, Northampton, and Pittsfield, etc, Massachusetts has something for everyone (as a matter of fact, check out a list of celebrities that were born in Massachusetts by going here.)

One Highly Successful Massachusetts-Born Celebrity is Celebrating His Birthday on Jun. 5

Today (Jun. 5) one very successful Boston-born celebrity is celebrating his 52nd birthday. Though he had some troubles earlier in his life, this guy turned it around and is now a top actor, producer, and businessman. Oh yeah, we can't forget, he's a rapper as well. You probably figured out by now that I'm talking about Mark Wahlberg.

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From his rap career in "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch" to his hugely successful acting career including his roles in such movies as "Max Payne," "The Other Guys," the "Ted" movies, the "Daddy's Home" movies, "Entourage," "Patriot's Day," and way too many to mention here, Wahlberg has done it all. So on this day, let's give a big Happy Birthday shout-out to Mark Wahlberg.

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