The housing shortage in Massachusetts is a real thing depending on where you live in the commonwealth. Some spots are hotter than others when it comes to the real estate market, some are cooler.

Market correction after the pandemic is happening, but real estate is still hot in Massachusetts. The economy is good here, severe weather is low risk, and people are staying in their homes longer. These all contribute to a sellers market.

Fast Selling Homes Are In These 4 Massachusetts Cities

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Ryan McVay

Stacker recently compiled a list of 50 cities in the U.S. where homes are selling the fastest and the following are in Massachusetts. Data from March of 2023.

Springfield, MA

- Median days on market: 23
- Total homes sold: 586
- Median sale price: $305,000


Worcester, MA

- Median days on market: 22
- Total homes sold: 812
- Median sale price: $375,000


Boston, MA

- Median days on market: 22
- Total homes sold: 3,303
- Median sale price: $642,500


Barnstable Town, MA

- Median days on market: 17
- Total homes sold: 388
- Median sale price: $637,250


Reasons for fast selling homes can be so subjective, though, right? Are the prices too low? Are investors just looking to buy and flip? While no one wants another 2008, I can see why people are holding on to their homes. With hopes that values go up and up, real estate is some folk's only shot a solid retirement.

New York and Pennsylvania end up high on this list. We'll see how winter pans out for real estate trends in the United States. Winter can be slow for real estate transactions.

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