Massachusetts is known for many things. It's a state known for its rich history, beautiful scenery, world-renowned colleges, and iconic sports teams, but one thing Massachusetts is not known for is its love of dogs.

According to Forbes, 66% of households in the United States own dogs, yet only 24% of households in Massachusetts have dogs, a nationwide low.

Despite Massachusetts having the lowest rate of dog owners in the country, our furry friends are definitely still loved by its residents. Every county in Massachusetts has at least three dog parks and many more in the more populated areas.

Dog lovers in Massachusetts were heartbroken after headlines broke that one dog died and another was sick after taking a walk on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Dog Dies After Walk in North Shore, Massachusetts Woods

According to WCVB5 Boston, an investigation into the death of one dog and the serious illness of another is underway in the North Shore Town of Newburyport.

The owner of the two dogs took them on a walk in the Moseley Woods and shortly afterward they both became ill. Both dogs were taken to the vet and one tragically passed, according to Animal Control services.

According to Animal Control, the two dogs ate poison that was improperly disposed of on the sides of the trail behind a garbage. A subsequent inspection of the woods uncovered no immediate cause for concern for future use by animals or people.

We have no reason to believe that anything was done to intentionally poison dogs. We have inspected the woods and have not found anything that is a current threat or source of alarm. It is crucial to recognize that dogs can encounter various hazards while exploring nature, such as mushrooms, and eating sticks...We want to reassure the community that, to the best of our knowledge, there is currently no identified risk posed intentionally to dogs in this area.

Animal Control

Officials are encouraging dog walkers to remain vigilant and prevent pets from consuming items found on the ground in the woods. If dog owners who were in that area notice unusual behavior or symptoms in their dogs, they are urged to seek veterinary care promptly.

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact city animal control officials.

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