The Golden Banana on Route 1 in Saugus, MA always stuck out to me for some reason. I mean, the giant golden yellow sign with a weird name on top of a hill? Who wouldn't notice that or question what it was? Try asking your father at the age of nine what "The Golden Banana" is?

Massachusetts has a Shocking Number of Strip Clubs for its size.

There are 23 strip clubs in Massachusetts, which is apparently A LOT for the geographical size of this state.

As it being a politically liberal-leaning state, it’s not surprising to find that there are twenty three Strip clubs in Massachusetts. A high number relative to its small size.

Getty Images for Crazy Horse 3
Getty Images for Crazy Horse 3

Rhode Island which is notorious for strip clubs has nine.

Going to a gentleman's club or "strip joint" doesn't have to be super taboo as people often go as couples. It's only when your partner who wouldn't approve of your behavior isn't in the loop, is it a problem.

 Popular Strip Clubs in Massachusetts

The Golden Banana in Peabody, MA

Mac's Two Lounge in Billerica, MA

Hurricane Betty's in Worcester, MA

Glass Slipper in Boston, MA

Centerfold's in Boston, MA

The Squire in Revere, MA

Club Alex's in Stoughton, MA

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