You probably remember a few months back, there was a recall on Jif peanut butter and Jif peanut butter-related items due to possible Salmonella contamination in the products. I had mentioned that some of the recalled Jif products were sold in Berkshire County as I had three jars of the peanut butter product that fell under the recall umbrella (see photos below). I purchased those products at either Price Chopper Market 32 or Stop & Shop in Pittsfield (it may have been a combination of the two, hard to remember). I also mentioned that the process for getting a refund from Jif was rather easy. You can refresh your memory on that process by going here.

The Process for Signing Up for a Refund is Indeed Simple But Now it Looks Like Berkshire County Residents are Going to Have to Wait Longer to Actually Receive Their Refunds

As simple as the refund process is for those that have tainted Jif products, actually getting the refund has come with a delay. After I signed up to get my refund, I received an email from Jif telling me that I should receive my refund coupons (yes they are sending coupons instead of actual cash. I'm fine with it) within six weeks. That was on May 30. Then on July 2, I received an email from Jif telling me that I would receive my coupons within the next few weeks. Then just recently, on Aug. 11, I received another email from the company telling me that I should be receiving my coupons by mid-September at the latest and that they were sorry for the delay.

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It's Difficult to Get Upset with The Company

I really do understand why there is such a delay in getting the coupons. You have to figure there are probably thousands if not millions of people who are in the same boat as me. This has to be a tall, stressful order for Jif. I have patience and know the coupons will eventually come. I will say, throughout this entire process, Jif has been excellent at communicating and sending email updates. If you have any questions about the Jif recall, you can call 800-828-9980. You can also get up-to-date details about the recall information by going here. By the way, did you receive your coupons yet or are you still waiting? Just curious.

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