I'm sure this must be a terrifying ordeal. Imagine, if you will, that you're an employee(or owner) of a business and you're leaving with that day's cash deposits(or those from the night before) when suddenly you're held up by someone(or more than one) at gunpoint, threatened, scared to death until you give them what they're after.

I can't imagine what that situation must feel like. My sister Laurie absolutely knows what it's like. Years ago, this exact situation happened to her. She was robbed outside the Friendly's restaurant in Coltsville. That's right. Right in the parking lot. I won't go into the whole incident here. The important thing is that she survived it, mainly by keeping her cool.

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Last week in Salem, Massachusetts, a similar incident happened to a Dunkin' employee outside in the parking lot. She was leaving with the business's cash deposits in a bag when somebody appeared out of nowhere and held her up at gunpoint.

According to a post on their Facebook page, Salem Police reported that early in the afternoon on September 6th, they responded to an armed robbery outside of a Dunkin' Donuts on Linden Street near Forest Avenue.

The victim, who also happened to be the manager, told police she was robbed by a man wearing dark clothes and a surgical mask who pushed his way into the driver's side door and instructed her not to look at him and to move over.

The man proceeded to drive a short distance whereupon he stopped the vehicle, bound the victim, and fled on foot with the money. Police suspected that the manager was targeted by someone who knew her or at least knew her routine.

The crime scene was turned over to Criminal Investigation Detectives who, after a complete and thorough investigation, arrested Jose Luis Mendoza-Baez, 26, of Salem on September 9th.

The victim's boyfriend, Yoel Perez-Feliz, 33, of Marblehead, was arrested on September 13th. Both men acted jointly in the crime and each is charged with Armed Robbery while Armed and Masked, Carjacking while Armed with a Firearm and Kidnapping while Armed with a Firearm.

The victim is apparently doing O.K. and even though she was dating one of the suspects, Salem Police state she had no involvement with the crime. For more, check out the Salem Police Facebook page here.

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