Many of us know all too well the guilt that comes along with hitting a deer with your car. I know I do. My wife and I were traveling back from visiting our son and future daughter-in-law in Clinton, MA when we weren't able to avoid two deer that ran out in from of us in Boylson. We actually missed the first one, but the second one wasn't so lucky.

I'm sure many people consider them a nuisance and may not feel too bad to clear the highways of just one more of the many deer that are out there. However, I can't shake the guilt that I feel from hitting one of them for quite a while after it happens. Our latest collision, with what looked to be a very young deer to me, happened on Mother's Day. We had previously hit one several years ago heading into New York State.

A Trooper's quick thinking likely saved a mama deer and her fawn...

According to a post on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, State Trooper Paul Dabene was patrolling the Massachusetts Turnpike in Framingham when he saw a mama deer and her fawn heading for trouble. The two animals were strolling up a road that connects to the turnpike, which is certainly not a very inviting environment for deer.


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As the two animals were inching closer to the turnpike, Tropper Dabene quickly thought to block the end of the access road to keep them from heading onto the turnpike. This quick thinking kept the deer from advancing any further. From there Trooper Dabene was able to redirect the mama and her fawn back toward a safe area.


Massachusetts State Police

(Above: a fawn about to walk onto the dangerous Massachusetts Turnpike)


It really was a nice job by Trooper Dabene to keep the unsuspecting deer from crossing into a very dangerous situation. I say Kudos to him! Commenters on the Facebook post are generally very supportive of the efforts of Trooper Dabene... thanking him for his efforts and for caring so much!


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