As you know there are plenty of things you can legally do in your backyard in Massachusetts. You can catch some sun, play sports, mow the lawn, camp out, play horseshoes, have fun with the kids, cook, go swimming and the list goes on and on. Like any state, you have plenty of options when it comes to legal backyard activities in Massachusetts.

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As I mentioned in a previous article one somewhat strange activity my dad and I used to do in our backyard in northern Berkshire County was take showers with our swimsuits on. We did this on really hot days and you can read more about this by going here.

Can You Legally Swim Nude in Your Backyard in Massachusetts?

For the most part, swimming naked in your backyard in Massachusetts is illegal according to a number of online sources. Even though you are on your own property, if a neighbor or passerby sees you swimming in the buff you could get arrested, face up to six months in jail and/or be slapped with a $200.00 fine. This is the same case if you choose to walk around naked in your backyard which you can read about by going here.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Massachusetts Law?

If you do insist on doing some skinny dipping in your backyard, you'll really need to have a barrier or a tall fence. Basically, you'll want to set your backyard up in a way where the public absolutely can't see you. If nobody can see you, then nobody can report you and you won't worry about the penalties. To be absolutely sure, check with your town or city regarding skinny dipping on your own property. At least you'll have a concrete answer even if it's one you don't like.

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