I've been a wrestling fan since I was eight. Since then I have attended many wrestling events including the time when the World Wrestling Federation/WWF (now WWE) came to the Pittsfield Boys and Girls Club (technically the Boys and Girls Club of the Berkshires) back in 1994. That was an action-packed event and you can read about it by going here. I have also attended wrestling events at Wahconah Park in Pittsfield, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, and Turn Hall in Adams. It goes without saying that Berkshire County has been home to many exciting wrestling events.

One of the Greatest Wrestling Events Came to Albany and I Was There

The biggest event that I ever attended was in Albany in January 1992 when the WWF/WWE came to the Knickerbocker Arena (now MVP Arena) for their annual Royal Rumble event. By the way, many wrestling fans consider the '92 Rumble to be the greatest Royal Rumble of all time as Ric Flair captured the then-vacant World Wrestling Federation Championship. That was the first time the championship was awarded to the Royal Rumble winner. It was awesome to be in attendance. That was my big present from my parents for my ninth birthday.

Another Historic Wrestling Event Will Be Coming to The Area

WWE fans are in for a big treat as another historic event will be coming to Massachusetts. The Survivor Series, which began as a Thanksgiving pay-per-view event in November of 1987, will be emanating from TD Garden in Boston on Saturday, November 26 (the first time since 2013).

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The Survivor Series is one of my favorite pay-per-view events and I must admit that I get very excited when this event comes around. I particularly liked the first five or six Survivor Series events. The original Survivor Series events were built on a team concept. Teams of four or five participants would wrestle in elimination matches throughout the afternoon/evening. The winning team was decided based on that team having at least one member remaining (there could be more members, even the entire team in some cases remaining) after all of the members on the opposing team were eliminated. Read more about the Survivor Series and how the concept works by going here. It was a unique event and made my Thanksgiving extra enjoyable.

The 1990 Survivor Series was extra special as this is the event where The Undertaker made his WWF/WWE debut. Check out the video below.

Another aspect that made the old-school Survivor Series events entertaining was Vince McMahon's over-the-top introductions. Check out the video to see what I mean.

The Survivor Series has changed a bit over the years as there are now more traditional one-on-one matches, championship matches, and traditional tag-team matches. However, there are still a couple of four-on-four or five-on-five elimination matches for those, like myself, who enjoy the old-school tradition.

You can get more information regarding this year's Survivor Series event including tickets, updates, and more by going here.

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