Dogs are not only man's best friend, but also invaluable colleagues to Massachusetts law enforcement.

According to information released by the Massachusetts State Police, a K9 officer played a vital role in tracking down a domestic assault suspect in Holyoke, Massachusetts earlier this week.

Just after 6:15 Monday evening, Massachusetts State Police K9 Unit Trooper John Areche heard the Holyoke Police Dispatch request K9 assistance to aid in a search for a domestic assault suspect who had fled from a residence on Kennedy Circle.
Trooper Areche and his partner, Tucker, responded to the home within minutes and learned from Holyoke Officers that the suspect, a 33-year-old man had fled into the woods after reportedly strangling and threatening his girlfriend.

Local Holyoke Police Officers had last seen the suspect, who was known to have a violent background, standing by a tree in the wood line, just past a wooden bridge that spanned a small creek, before he proceeded to run farther into the woods.
Trooper Areche and K9 Tucker, accompanied by Holyoke Officers, began working at the point the suspect was last seen. Tucker quickly displayed a recognition of a scent and began tracking the violent suspect into the woods. Tucker pulled officers east for about 50 feet, then turned left and tracked south deeper into the woods. After tracking south for about 200 feet, Tucker located the suspect in the woods, and Trooper Areche ordered that he surrender or face apprehension by the dog. The man quickly complied and was taken into custody by Holyoke Police.

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