Did you know that McDonalds' first location in Massachusetts (1960) was in the very western part of the state?

There was lots of talk about McDonald's on Friday morning's show. McDonald's is trending right now due to their new space themed spin off restaurant.

CosMc's will be open in a handful of areas across the U.S. for testing in 2024.

CosMc apparently is a alien who can't get enough of McDonald's food. You may have seen CosMc in ads back in the day.

McDonald's Facebook
McDonald's Facebook

I must admit, McDonald's had me at hello. The food is damn tasty and the backstory is wonderfully told in the movie "The Founder". While I realize the movie isn't ENTIRELY true, it's pretty well done.

This got me thinking, though...

Where Was Massachusetts' First McDonald's?

Pittsfield, MA!

Really? Western Massachusetts? The Berkshires?

I don't claim to know a lot, but I was surprised it wasn't somewhere more densely populated...

The first McDonald's in Massachusetts opened in Pittsfield in May 1960, at 6 Cheshire Road, across from the Allendale Shopping Center — still the home of a McDonald's. This store was the 238th franchise in the country and was owned by Tom Walton, who moved to the Berkshires from out of state. -berkshireeagle.com

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