If there's one thing I have learned about going out and celebrating New Year's Eve on Dec. 31, it's that it never lives up to the expectations. We have this conversation with ourselves to decide whether we should go out and party on the big day, or if we should sit home, order food and just relax.

What if you could have that New Year's Eve-style celebration and still stay home on Dec. 31? This year it's possible thanks to M&M's Tap & Tavern in New Lebanon, NY.

M&M's Tap & Tavern, which is located 10 minutes from Pittsfield on Route 20, is announcing their "Non New Year's Eve NYE Party". The event will take place Saturday, Dec. 29 and will feature everything you could possibly want for a New Year's Eve party — just two nights before.

First, M&M's Tap & Tavern will kick things off with a delicious dinner, which features a special NYE-style menu. Patrons will have the choice of an appetizer, entree and dessert. Entree options will include prime rib (yummy), salmon and a veggie option. Dinner will be served from 6 to 8:30 p.m. While you partake in an absolutely phenomenal meal, there will be acoustic tunes from a very special musical guest in the area. The menu will also be available a la carte should you not want the full three course meal, but getting the full package is the better overall deal.

Then, you can burn off those calories with laughter as a comedy show will kick off at around 8:15 p.m. Michael Raive, from Comedy Time TV and Hulu — who happens to be the owner of M&M's Tap & Tavern — and Frank Vignola, who has been featured on NBC, Comedy Central and USO Tours will have you falling out of your chairs with hilarious comedy.


After the comedy show, it's time to get your dancing shoes on. The dance party will begin at around 10 p.m. with all of your favorite foot stomping hits played by special guest DJ, yours truly. At midnight, M&M's Tap & Tavern will ring in the "New Year" with a countdown, toast and everything you would expect on New Year's Eve — again, two nights earlier.

Non New Year's Eve NYE Party Packages

There is a plethora of options to choose from to have the "Non New Year's Eve NYE" experience you desire.

If you want the whole shebang, the dinner, music, comedy and dancing, you can purchase your tickets for just $55? Let's put it in perspective, a three-course meal — which could include PRIME RIB — live music, a comedy show, dancing, the countdown and celebratory toast for just $55? Your saving money right off the bat. Ticket purchases for all festivities will be limited to 90 people, so don't hesitate to reserve your spot.

For those who would like to skip the dinner and just check out the comedy show and dance the night away, you can reserve your spot for just $20. You can still make a reservation (again, it's limited to 90 people for dinner) and order off the dinner menu a la carte for an additional price. To reserve your spot for this particular package, call them at 518-794-6102.

I'm sure there are those of you reading this that would just like to take part in the celebration aspect of the New Year's Eve experience and dance the night away, take part in the countdown and enjoy the toasting to putting 2018 in the rear view mirror. If that's you, you can enjoy all of that for just $5 if you arrive between 10 p.m. and midnight.

In essence, the event on Dec. 29 at M&M's Tap & Tavern will allow you to have your proverbial cake and eat it too; have a New Year's Eve experience -- without the hectic nature the night actually provides -- and still be able to spend NYE at home watching the ball drop with friends and family in a relaxed nature. This event will sell out, so if you want to have the NYE experience without any pressure or decision making, M&M's Tap & Tavern has you covered.

Purchase your tickets for the package you want, reserve your spot, mark your calendars and we will see you on Dec. 29 for an incredible night you'll be telling your friends about weeks from now.

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