Massachusetts residents are known to have a pretty wild reputation, whether it be our rabid sports fans or that sweet accent, which really only a very small percentage of us actually have. However, one of the most unique things about Massachusetts isn't the residents, it's the cities and towns. 

Massachusetts cities and towns are full of some of the most iconic and historic landmarks in the country, from Plymouth Rock to Fenway Park, the nation's first high school, and even the nation's first bar. But it is not what these cities and towns contain, it's their names that make them unique.

From Leominster to Tewksbury, Gloucester to Scituate, Massachusetts has a TON of cities and towns whose names stump out-of-towners and even some locals.

Check out this hilarious video of the Golden State Warriors trying to pronounce Massachusetts names ahead of a 2022 match-up against the Boston Celtics.

So we know Massachusetts has plenty of municipalities with difficult names, but one city name takes the cake and was recently named one of the most mispronounced names in the United States.

Travel Guidebook company Frommer's, pronounced FROH-merz, not FRAH-merz,  recently put together a list of the 12 most mispronounced locations in the country.

"For out-of-towners, nothing will separate you from the locals quite as fast as saying the name of their city, region, state, or street the wrong way. Impress them instead by learning the correct pronunciations of these U.S. locales you might be mangling."

This Massachusetts City Ranks as the "Most Mispronounced" Place in the U.S.

With so many options to choose from the decision must have been tough, but Worcester, Massachusetts takes the cake. Fantastic choice as we hear people, and GPS devices mispronounce the city's name constantly.

"It looks like there should be three syllables and an “r” sound somewhere in the middle, but looks can be deceiving—and, as anybody who has pulled off a successful JFK impersonation will tell you, New Englanders drop “r”s all over the place. Go with WUSS-ter for this central Massachusetts city. The town was named after Worcester in England, so not incidentally, you'll pronounce it the same way there, too"

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