For whatever reason, I've always been fascinated by nostalgia and I know that I'm not alone in this fascination. Many people spend mucho time (and money!) searching online for their favorite toys or games from days gone by to try and replace some of those lost memories.

When it comes to the 1990s, how many out there remember those popular electric pets called Tamagotchis? Did you have the all-purpose rubber buddy Stretch Armstrong? There was even a Fetch Armstrong as I'm sure many of you remember.

What about Troll dolls? The Magna Doodle? Tickle Me Elmo??? And I almost forgot Spice Girl dolls! And that's just the toys and games, never mind the candy. Remember Warheads (man, were those suckers SOUR!)? Ring Pops? Gushers? Bubble Tape?

Just for fun, Shane Co., the largest privately owned jeweler in the country, wanted to unleash their '90s inner child by gauging the popularity of various '90s items in each and every state in the country.

To begin with, the Shane Co. team analyzed Google Trends search interest in each state concerning 45 items that defined the '90s. Some of the most popular (most searched) items across the country include Nintendo 64s, fanny packs, Tamagotchis, and Waffle Crisp cereal.

Interestingly for Massachusetts, none of the items listed above were the most searched, though. The most searched '90s accessory in Massachusetts is, believe it or not, the scrunchy!

The most searched '90s snack food in the Commonwealth is Potato Sticks (I haven't had those in ages!). Lastly, the '90s toy/game that was most searched in Massachusetts is the Game Boy Color. I must've had at least two of those Game Boy Colors stolen from me back in the day!

If you're feeling nostalgic for the '90s, visit Shane Co.'s website here and check out the full list. It makes for very interesting (and very fun) reading!

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