Just a few weeks after New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski sent Nick Carnevale a personalized video message filled with encouragement for his road to recovery, the 19 year old Pittsfield resident got to experience the Patriots Sunday night game against the Green Bay Packers game up close and personal.

Cara Petricca, who is actually a lifelong Packers fan, got to surprise her son Nick, the victim of an August shooting at October Mountain State Forrest, with a trip out of the hospital and on the field at Gillette Stadium. They got to share the experience with Nick's brother as well.

Nick got to hang out on the sidelines just a few feet from the players and even received a ball from Pat's player Cordarrelle Patterson. It's look's like Nick might have given Patterson some luck in just his second game with New England at the running back slot.  He had 11 carries for 61 yards and a touchdown as the Patriots walked away with the W, 31-17.

From the initial surprise to the game itself, Nick's mom shared all the excitement via her Facebook page. Check it out!


Ball from Cordarrelle Patterson








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