Hate them or love them, when you think of Christmas music you think, Johnny Mathis, you think Perry Como, heck, you even think Mariah Carey, and who doesn't love the WHAM! classic, Last Christmas?!

What you probably DON'T think is DMX. Until now....

A few years back Mr. X (which I like to refer to him as ever since he sat just rows away at a Celtics game a few weeks go) made an appearance on a New York City radio station and spontaneously covered the holiday tune, Ruldolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Right there in front of our eyes (and ears) like a Christmas miracle, a new holiday classic was born.  Check out this little gem on YouTube.


Just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it? I know when I deck the halls, I want the raspy vocals of DMX floating through the air.

Five years later, the Yonkers native decided he wanted to give his fans the real deal and teamed up with Spotify Singles to give listeners just that, a produced studio version. Go ahead, add it to your  holiday hits playlist. You know you want to.

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