New York state government made headlines last month when it banned two gender related terms from being written in future legislation.

New York State bans gender terms in 2024, What About Massachusetts?


New York State bill S1522

Replaces all instances of the words or variations of the words feminine hygiene products and sanitary napkins with the words menstrual products or pads, respectively, or a variation thereof.

The term 'Menstrual Products' will replace 'sanitary napkins' and 'feminine hygiene products'

This bill recognizes the simple reality that menstruation is not dirty, but rather a natural bodily function. In so doing, we take another step in lifting the stigma, combating period poverty, and ensuring equal dignity for all individuals who menstruate throughout New York. -NY Senator Persaud

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This is not a situation where it's illegal to say these words in public or anything like that, this is simply the progression of language in NY law to remove the gender association of 'female' and be respectful to anyone who menstruates and that menstruation is not a 'dirty' thing.

Menstrual Product Examples

  • Tampons
  • Sanitary pads
  • Panty liners
  • Menstrual cups
  • Period pants
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I can't find any new official ban or bill stating as much on this, however from the examples below you can see the progression from 2019-2023.

For purposes of this section, “feminine hygiene products” means tampons and sanitary napkins for use in connection with the menstrual cycle. -from 2020

An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters, and public schools- from 2023

Senate votes to expand access to menstrual products, HIV prevention drugs- from 2023.

The progression of language with respect to the LGBTQ community continues to be a polarizing topic. Dependent upon the political party affiliation of a state's administration, changes like this ban vary. It also removes the connotation that menstruation is dirty.

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