Oh. Oh. Oh. O'Reilly's! Yes, ANOTHER auto parts store is soon to open in Pittsfield, at the former Rodhouse Tax Service and Century 21 location on Dalton Ave.

"The plan for that site also includes major renovations to the water runoff systems. Currently, there are no drains, catch basins, or mechanisms to filter the water," said an article written on iberkshires.com back in March.

Apparently people need auto parts, like, more than fast food. As you may remember the Burger King that once stood on Merrill Road, or the Pizza Hut just down the road. An Advance Auto Parts and competitor AutoZone now fill these sites. Also taking residence in the city is, NAPA Auto Parts, Carberry Auto Parts, even Dickson's Auto Parts, just to name a few.

But why do we need so many auto parts stores? Do car dealers get parts from these stores? Are there a lot more older vehicles in the area than I thought? While I loved working on my '89 Ford Mustang GT back in my early 20's, I much prefer now to lease a vehicle and have scheduled maintenance.

Look for O'Reilly's Auto Parts to open up in the coming months at 481 Dalton Ave, Pittsfield.

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