For over a decade citizen's of Pittsfield have expressed the need for an official dog park, and thanks The Parks Commissions recent design approval, we're one step closer.  While Kirvin Park off Williams St. has turned into an unofficial dog park of sorts, K-9 lovers have been waiting for the news that an official one is in the works, eyed for a parcel of land at Burbank Park.

According to, Tuesday night, The Parks Department gave the thumbs up to a preliminary design crafted by Berkshire Design Group, architects who have quite a bit of experience, building 11 dog parks throughout Massachusetts. The plans call for two areas, one for small dogs and one for all dogs, both surrounded by five foot fences, in addition to walking paths, mounds for dogs to run up and down, shade, decorative fire hydrants, water fountains for the dogs, and a 21-car parking lot. Peter Wells, of Berkshire Design Group, said they plan on an assessment of the already existing trees and the plan will call for saving many of them and building the park around it — providing natural shade instead of building a shade structure.

However, a common theme for all new development, the project is tasked with funding for the next steps. The city will look to a grant from the The Stanton Foundation, which as part of its mission of encouraging positive dog/human relationships, supports the development of enclosed dog parks in Massachusetts cities and towns. Pittsfield would be eligible for up to $225,000 from the foundation, which would require a 10 percent match yielding a total project cost of $250,000.

 Joe Durwin, member of the Parks Commission will join Slater and I on the Morning Show Monday (2/26) to discuss the development of the park and well as other news for Pittsfield's parks.
 This is my dog Bam and his girlfriend Cali and it brings no merit to the article, but aren't they cute?!

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