Ever since the 2021 NFL season schedule was released this weekend’s game is the one that was circled in red marker among football fans everywhere especially in New England and in Tampa Bay.  The game…October 3rd at 8:15 the New England Patriots vs Tamps Bay Buccaneers.  Tom Brady’s return to Gillette Stadium wearing the uniform of a team other than that of the New England Patriots.

Sure, Tom will be greeted warmly by many, but this is New England after all and Tom is on the sideline of the enemy.  However, I am not expecting Tom’s return to be all sunshine and rainbows. After all Tom, Tom’s daddy, and Tom’s trainer have all taken shots at the Patriots coach and owner over the last few weeks.  Some jabs have been subtle, but some, especially those by Pappa Brady have not been very subtle at all.

With the hype of this week’s Sunday Night Football Game of the Week, I was curious how much money tickets are now going for.  When the game was first announced season ticket holders were drooling over the thought of selling their tickets and retiring or sending their kids and grandkids to college.  Well, those that sold their tickets quickly certainly made some money as some tickets were sold for thousands of dollars.  If you held onto your tickets to get an even better price as the game got closer…a bad move.

According to StubHub, a leading ticket agency for the reselling of concert and sporting event tickets, you can get inside the stadium for under $300. In fact, as of today (Wednesday), there are plenty of tix to be had between $300 and $400 if you want to be inside Gillette wondering whether to cheer or boo.  For $500 per ticket, you can sit in the Upper Midfield section of the stadium.  For $750 Lower Corner seats are available.  The most expensive ticket listed on StubHub is for $10,297.  You can pay that dirtbag over 10k per ticket to sit in the Upper Sideline.  For that price, the entire Patriots cheerleading squad should sit on your lap.  Comparable seats are going for under $500.

This is a free-market economy and if you can get it, or want to dish out the cash and pay it…go for it!  You also have the same right to cheer as loud as you’d like for the guy that led the Patriots to 6 Super Bowl wins, or boo as loud as you’d like against the quarterback trying to beat your hometown team.


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