Residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts know the magic it possesses. Even though some people have never even heard of this tiny corner of the world, over 4 million people visit the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts each year. Often times that group includes some pretty notable names.

From Mark Wahlberg to Gwenyth Paltrow to Kanye West, celebrities and socialites of all kinds have been known to visit Berkshire County, our idyllic home in western Massachusetts. The amazing landscapes, five-star dining, world renowned arts scene, and serene relaxation the Berkshires has to offer draws in folks from all over the globe.

Not only do the Berkshires have a celebrity following, but they are made reference to on numerous occasions in shows like Sex and the City and notoriously in the Real Housewives of New York City. And most recently on Pete Davidson's new show.

Did Pete Davidson Go to Rehad in the Berkshires?

So Pete Davidson didn't actually go to rehab in the Berkshires, but his character, Pete Davidson, did. Stay with me. Pete Davidson's new show Bupkis is an autobiographical satire that takes inspiration from the actor's life, which let's face it, is pretty funny at times. With Edie Falco starring as his mother and Joe Pesci playing the role of his grandfather, the show is full of laughs and not afraid to poke fun at real-life events in Davidson's life.

Enter the Berkshires. In episode seven of the show, Davidson goes to rehab and while meeting with friends before his departure he tells John Mulaney (also playing himself) that he's heading to a facility in the Berkshires. In episode eight when he is actually in treatment, I was curious if scenes would really be shot in Berkshire County, but alas they were not.

So there you have it. Ficiticous Pete Davidson went to rehab in the Berkshires, but real-life Pete Davidson did not.

In reality, Davidson did do a brief stint in rehab in 2020 at the Sierra Tucson treatment center in Arizona which treats people struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma-related issues, mood and anxiety disorders, and chronic pain, according to its website.

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