June is LGBTQ+ pride month, and at noon on Wednesday, the Pride flag will wave at Pittsfield City Hall.
The Pride flag has flown at city hall every June since 2017, and was accompanied by the first-ever Pride Kick-Off event in 2019 with the adoption of the Progress Pride Flag.
This year, the proclamation presented by Mayor Tyer will include a message honoring Jahaira DeAlto, one of Berkshire Pride's original founders who we tragically lost earlier this year.
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The event is put on by Berkshire Pride. Berkshire Pride is a community alliance composed of individuals representing diverse organizations and projects whose goal is to promote LGBTQI equality via community organizing by implementing educational and support projects that empower LGBTQI people and enable a dialog about such issues in the community.
Berkshire Pride is a freeform project with the goal of providing a platform for individuals and community organizations who want to make the Berkshires an even better, more inclusive and more welcoming place to visit and live for all people. Berkshire Pride is not meant as a replacement or additional organization. It is a launching point where already existing and new organizations can come together with non-affiliated community organizers and work together.

 Najwa Squailia speaks during the event.


 Kelan O'Brien hosted the event.


Pittsfield Mayor Tyer speaks at the proclamation.


Along with the American Flag, the Pride flag now flies at Pittsfield's City Hall


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