The Pittsfield pickleball project planned for Springside Park has been backburnered for a bit. City councilors on Tuesday voted to cut the $35,272 earmarked for the pickleball court.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that "the council declined to allocate Community Preservation Act funds for the project for the coming fiscal year."

Originating in the Naples, FL area, pickleball is a sport that has become popular with older adults. The sport combines elements from tennis, ping pong and badminton. Pickleball can be played indoor or outdoor on a modified tennis-like court.

Slater reached out to Councilor Pete White for comment on when talks would resume and he responded, "In the Fall of 2019 the Pittsfield’s Community Preservation Committee will start the 2 step application process for projects looking for Community Preservation Act funding."

The "pickleball situation" has prompted all sorts of public discussion on social media as well.



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