On Tuesday, the City of Pittsfield held their elections to award seats for the City Council At-Large, and individual wards.

It was a six-person race to fill the four At-Large seats in the city, including incumbents Peter White, Peter Marchetti and Melissa Mazzeo. Craig Gaetani, Edward Carmel and Earl Persip vied for their opportunity to earn a spot. In the end, the incumbents, along with Persip were elected.

Three of the individual wards were decided before Tuesday's elections as John Krol in Ward 6, Donna Todd Rivers in Ward 5 and Helen Moon in Ward 1 were unopposed in their races. Although Michael Cirullo was still on the Ward 1 ballot, and William Keene was still on the Ward 5 ballot, both have elected to drop out of the race.

A couple of great showings for challengers Dina Guiel and William Wright, who both lost very close races in Wards 2 and 4 respectively.

Here is how the City of Pittsfield elections went down: *Note, all numbers are unofficial, while the winners are official.

Pittsfield City Council At-Large:

  • Edward Carmel - 1,149
  • Craig Gaetani - 913
  • Peter Marchetti - 5,124 (Elected)
  • Melissa Mazzeo - 4,337 (Elected)
  • Earl Persip III - 4,259 (Elected)
  • Peter White - 4,539 (Elected)

City Council Ward Races:

Ward 1 winner: Helen Moon

Ward 2:

  • Dina Guiel - 367
  • Kevin Morandi - 411 (Winner)

Ward 3:

  • Nicholas Caccamo - 940 (Winner)
  • James Gleason - 227

Ward 4:

  • Christopher Connell - 722 (Winner)
  • William Wright - 622

Ward 5 winner: Donna Todd Rivers

Ward 6 winner: John Krol

Ward 7:

  • Rhonda Serre - 226
  • Anthony Simonelli - 606 (Winner)

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