In what will become a monthly segment in 2018 on "Slater and Marjo In The Morning", Pittsfield Mayor Linda M. Tyer sat down this morning to discuss the imposed toter system, city potholes, and waste water treatment.

With a promised return on investment, Mayor Tyer is pushing for a new tote system for the city's trash and recycle pick up. With the state's average of tons picked up recyclable at 30%, Pittsfield's average sits at 11%. "We got some room for improvement", said Tyer this morning. Listen here.

Live 95.9 listeners had a chance to participate in a poll in order to let there voice be heard and see other residents' thoughts on the new system. To vote and see results click here.

In addition, Mayor Tyer will be holding four neighborhood meetings to discuss the benefits of the revised trash and recycle pick up system, and answer residents' questions.

Secondly, Potholes appear almost every winter because of fluctuating temperatures; however, this year, they seem to be EVERYWHERE. Although I find many to agree with me that this year is far worst than previous years, the Mayor's office has not received any calls. Listen here.

Lastly, Tyer went on to discuss the $74M dollar elephant in the room, the much needed, court ordered, improvement plan to Pittsfield's waste water treatment facility off of Holmes Rd. "Ten years ago we were told by the EPA, you have to clean up your waste water that discharges into the Housatonic (river), that discharges into the Long Island sound, and discharges into the Atlantic Ocean". Listen here.






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