The 3M Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge was a big success over the weekend and if it wasn't for Deputy Cheif Dan Garner, Pittsfield would have never seen the likes of this entertaining event.

Garner, who will be 48 in a few days, is nothing short of obsessed with the combat challenge. He will train for it, travel for it, bring it to Pittsfield (twice now), and win it. Garner's first-place winning time on Friday night was 1:41 flat, just four seconds shy of his best, 1:37.

He admits he almost tumbled headfirst down the stairs at the top of the tower as it was hard to see in the dark, but held on.

ESPN dubs the challenge the "toughest two minutes in sports" and some of these guys make it look easy, it isn't AT ALL.

Pittsfield's Garner won best time for the individual race, and Pittsfield won as a team as well. Firefighters Jim Ziter, Steve Papa, Jeremy Ostrander, and Jamie Law all had impressive times.

Ziter was the top finisher over age 50.

Slater and Marjo were discussing how long Tom Brady, of which Garner is a huge fan, can play until. Brady, seen in a YouTube video with Rob Gronkowski recently, thinks he can play until he's 50.

A strict workout regimen, a proper diet, and the will to succeed is the formula to succeed.


Over 1000 people attended the event at Berkshire Crossing over the weekend.

Garner says the event would not have been possible without Berkshire Money Management, Lenco, Berkshire Bank, Greylock, and many more sponsors.

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