Pittsfield, Massachusetts did  A LOT of complaining about potholes this spring. Now no one is saying that those complaints weren't warranted, I just wanted to point out that there have been many improvements since then.
As part of the city of Pittsfield’s 2022 Street Improvement Project, administrators are advising residents that the following work will take place over the next week, which could cause delays, closures, and parking restrictions that drivers need to be aware of.

Pittsfield Street Paving, Milling, for July 11-15

  • Monday, July 11 and Tuesday, July 12: milling on Bushey Road, Alfred Drive, Pembroke Avenue, and Longview Terrace.
  • Wednesday, July 13 and Thursday, July 14: first application of blacktop on the locations above.
  • Friday, July 15: sidewalk paving on Donovan Street, curbing on Howard Street.

With the exception of Donovan Street, all other on-street parking is prohibited during this work between the hours of 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Please note there may be impacts to traffic.

Obviously, the schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions. The city of Pittsfield also extended thanks to its residents for their patience with the street improvement projects continue.

According to the Massachusetts Municipal Association, at the end of last year, the state was preparing to spend $5.3 billion of federal transportation dollars on highways and bridges and another $2.8 billion to improve public transportation.

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