The Pittsfield Police Explorer Program is for youths ages 14 to 20 who are interested in exploring a career in law enforcement or have an interest in learning more about police work.

If this interests you, the Explorer Recruitment event is happening on Wednesday, April 13th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Army National Guard Facility at 161 Vin Hebert Blvd. in Pittsfield.


The program runs year round and typically meets on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Participants are required to be in good academic standing, be able to participate in moderate physical fitness exercises, and are held to a high behavioral standard at home and within the community.


The goal of the Police Explorer Program is for youths to learn about different aspects of police work, learn the process of becoming a police officer, and be able to explore a variety of careers that fall under the umbrella of law enforcement.


The Pittsfield Police Department aims to foster future police officers from the explorer program.


Heather MacFarlane was a Pittsfield Police Explorer from 2015-2017. MacFarlane says some of things she took from the program and really enjoyed were the opportunity to do ride-alongs with officers and to see the application of what she was learning in the program in person.

MacFarlane also mentioned, in a video sent to Live 95.9, that she was able to take the skills she learned in the program and apply them when she was an RA in college, obtain an internship, the do's and don'ts on what to do on calls, and much more!

If you're a youth interested in becoming a police officer, head to the recruit program on April 13th!

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