On Tuesday morning, Slater and Marjo had a chance to sit down with Dan Sadlowski, a children's book author from Pittsfield who is releasing a new book on Saturday.

"The Universe Is Rooting For You" was created to remind us to take the time to appreciate the natural world around us. Nature is so awe-inspiring and loves us in so many ways. Encourage your children, students, family members, friends, and yourself to connect with nature. Explore it. Go on new adventures. Open your imagination, heart, and mind. Look around, who knows what you may find. -Author's Note.

"The Universe Is Rooting For You" release party is this Saturday from 11:30 to 2:30 at Barnes & Nobles, 555 Hubbard Ave in Pittsfield.

Get your book signed, receive a free gift with the book and finish your holiday shopping. If you love books, nature, and inspiring stories, then this book is for you! -Dan Sadlowski

Sadlowski, a 2003 St. Joe's grad, said he's been interested in writing children's books for awhile now and started this project about ten years ago.

"The Universe Is Rooting For You" was written by Dan Sadlowski, illustrated by Allison Pierce, edited by Emily Gabriel, and watercolor assistance provided Samantha Sadlowski.



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