We here at Slater and Marjo in The Morning have what some would call a seltzer addiction.  We each crush at least three to four during the morning show alone.  We just can't get enough of the bubbles!

As Massachusetts natives, Worcester based Polar Seltzers are definitely our brand of choice, Slater loves the Ruby Red Grapefruit, I prefer the Raspberry Lime, however I do enjoy a good seasonal flavor. This past Summer Raspberry Rose was my jam.

A few weeks ago I noticed the summer flavors were slowing dwindling from the shelves at my super market, with no restock in sight. It bummed me out, but hey, out with the old and in with the new. I immediately starting looking for a list of Winter 2018 flavors, and today the wait is over.

Polar Beverages has officially unveiled their limited edition line of winter flavors. According to an email press release, for 2018 is Hibiscus Cloudberry, which the company said "shines a light on the humble cloudberry while offering touches of exotic tartness." Yes, before you google it, I'm way ahead of you, Cloudberry is a real thing. It's an herb native to cool, temperate regions, alpine and arctic tundras.  The plant produces an amber colored edible fruit similar to raspberry or blackberry.

Blackberry Clementine is also new to the line up, as well as Vanilla Zen, billed as a pomegranate vanilla flavor that Polar said was secretly inspired by Meghan Markle. The upcoming collection also features two veteran winter flavors, Ginger Lime Mule and Cranberry Cider.

The beverages are now available in stores throughout New England.




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