Seltzer fans rejoice! If you're like me, you basically mark the change in season by when Worcester based Polar Seltzer releases their new flavors. While the weather here in Berkshire County might not say Summer, or even Spring for that matter, the bubbles say otherwise. The limited edition 2019 Summer flavors hit stores yesterday!

Veterans from previous summers that will be returning include my personal favorite Raspberry Rosé, as well as Blueberry Tangerine and Mango Cherry.  New to the lineup this year, are Nectarine Lemon and Strawberry Honey Dew, which Polar describes as a “beautiful combination of summery berry and elegant melon that will transport you to your most chill self.” For those of you that are freaking out wondering where your Ginger Lime Mule flavor is, relax. It's become a permanent year round flavor.



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