*UPDATE: The North Adams Police Department posted on Facebook this morning that John Braman has been located and he is safe. No further details were posted at this point. 

*The story below is from prior to Braman being located


Police in the City of North Adams are searching for a man who has been missing since late June. According to a social media post by the North Adams Police Department, 47-year-old John Braman was last seen in the city on June 21st.

Braman is described as having brown eyes. There are no other descriptors given, but you can see from the photo provided on the North Adams Police Department Facebook page that he is balding and had a dark brown or black beard and mustache at the time of the photo.


North Adams Police dept.
North Adams Police dept.

(Above: John Braman has been missing since June 21st, 2022 - Photo provided by the North Adams Police Department)


Braman may possibly be suicidal...

According to police, Braman was last seen on Hall Street in North Adams and had been missing since June 21st. They also say that he may be exhibiting suicidal ideations.


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Police are asking that anyone who may have information about Braman's whereabouts, please contact the North Adams Police Department at (413) 664-4944, extension 1.

Here is the poster provided on social media by the Police Department:

North Adams Police Dept.
North Adams Police Dept.


The photo of Bramen and all the same information is also posted on the Massachusetts Missing & Unsolved Facebook group page. You may have to join the page to see what is listed there, but it is a public group.

According to the Facebook group mentioned above, more than 150 adults are currently missing in Massachusetts, according to NamUs, which is a national information clearinghouse and resource center for missing, unidentified and unclaimed person cases across the U.S. Also, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, nearly 100 children from Massachusetts are missing. 


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