As human beings, we face choices every single day. That is just a fact. Even as a young child. "Should I touch this thing my parents told me not to touch and get my parents angry? Or, do I listen to what I'm told?" We face these choices, big or small, in the workplace as adults as well. "Can I squeeze this one last task in before my big meeting? Or, can this wait and I'll do it later?"

Some choices are easier to make and others create quite the thought process. That's why I thought it would be fun to take ten different conundrums and get your thoughts on them in this fun little poll.

Below is a poll we put together; which is a fun version of the classic decision making game "Would you rather." Some of these questions are related to everyday life, others are decisions you make within the wonderful place we live, while others are just fun, yet a little bit wacky.

Enjoy this round of "Would you rather" and let us know your results on Facebook:

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