The struggle is real here in late September living in Western Massachusetts. The morning temperatures are in the low 40's and the highs seem to be touching the mid 60's.

Marjo and I go back and forth about this subject all the time... It's amazing to find out what people will spend money on and what they will not spend money on. I find comfort in comfort, I will tell you that; however, oil prices are still high.

Petroleum industry in the Permian Basin.
Sean Hannon

I just checked my oil supplier, that sounded weird, the company where I get my oil from and they have a gallon of oil listed at $4.29 still! That's not cheap. Why does oil always seem to stay higher than gas?

Call me whatever you want, but yes, this weekend I turned my heat on! Here's the kicker though, I'm also still using my AC in the bedroom... Even I feel a little gluttonous here.

Isn't that the same as rolling down your windows and using the AC in your car in the summertime? Or is that a bit of a stretch? Haha.

Some people like to "tough it out", but I'm not one of those people, when I'm in my home, I want to be COMFORTABLE.

When should you turn your heat on?

You should consider switching the heat on as soon as the indoor temperature drops to 64 F. In case, you live with children or the elderly, then the furnace should be turned on once the indoor temperature gets to 69.8 F.

So, We Wanna Know...


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