Police in Pittsfield, MA have put out an official statement on use of Orbeez guns within the city.

This is a polarizing issue in Pittsfield. Some residents see this as kids having fun, but in today's hyper alert society and sensitivity surrounding gun violence


Pittsfield resident Wendy Walz was on the radio with 'Slater & Marjo' last week explaining her reasoning for posting a video on Facebook showing juveniles running around shooting Orbeez guns.


What is an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez is a brand of a toy gun that shoots gel-like pellets that burst and release water when they hit their intended target. The guns can be big or small and they are usually bright colored.

The problem is that they can look and sound like the real thing and it's freaking some people out.


The Orbeez gun are often used for outdoor play or for target practice, and they can be a fun way to experiment with different colors and textures. However, like any toy gun, Orbeez guns should be used safely and responsibly, with proper protective measures for the head and eyes. Furthermore, adult supervision may be necessary for younger children. -technology.org

Getting shot with Orbeez hurts!


"They're stopping literally in the middle of the road, jumping out of their vehicles, chasing each other on private property, it's dangerous, you need need to come here now", said Walz on the phone to Pittsfield Police on Sunday night.

So this has been happening on my street and in my neighborhood. Kids flying around in their cars chasing each other and “shooting” at each other. They are at times on foot shooting these “guns”, and last night they were doing it until 11:45 . (This video is from Sunday) if you watch all the way through you will see a boy get out of the black car with what looks like a real gun… he seems to be threatening his “target” saying “let’s do this”… … this is incredibly dangerous … the way these kids were screaming up and down the street, in and out of traffic… on foot going on other people’s property…. Has anyone else in the city experienced this in their neighborhood and if so, have you called the police??? It needs to stop.

I swear, what it looked like he had was a real gun. The other kid was like "no, no I don't have a gun", and the other kid was like "let's do this." -Wendy Walz


What is Massachusetts Law with BB guns or Orbeez guns?

Adults (or people over the age of 18) are permitted to own BB guns in Massachusetts freely. This means that people are not subject to any licensing or registration requirements. Discharging a BB gun across or from a public area, however, is prohibited by the state, though.

Pittsfield Police Chief says random people are being shot by Orbeez guns



We've had calls saying that people are being targeted with Orbeez guns on North St. in the main common area. -Chief Tom Dawley

Q: They're shooting these gel pellets at the public?

A: Correct, and when we find the juveniles responsible, we're gonna take the guns and call their parents.

Incidents of Orbeez gel blaster shootings have been an issue all over the country and are not just limited to Massachusetts or the northeast.

The sensitivity surrounding the subject of shootings in America is high and hopefully people won't mistake these toy guns for the real thing and something terrible happens.

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