Hate him or love him, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has become a big name in not just Massachusetts but in national pop culture.

What started as a humorous sports culture publication (old school, like actually printed on paper) has turned into a pop culture machine covering the world of music, movies, news, and of course sports.

As worldwide as Barstool has become, its roots are right here in Massachusetts. Portnoy, a Swampscott native, started the company in Milton back in 2003. In its early years the now all digital media company was Boston sports-centric but has since expanded to a global brand.

The company's frontman has certainly always marched to the beat of his own drummer, refusing to compromise on the way he runs his business which has made him a hero to many and an enemy to others.

Speaking of enemies, Portnoy has got a list of his own, that he has very publically shared with the world, updating it on a pretty regular basis. The list consists of media outlets that Portnoy believes have slandered his name, Barstool employees (current and former) that he has beef with, some pretty noticeably famous athletes, and even some venues that he has had issues with in the past.

Well, he just added a new one to the list.

One of Portnoy's most well-known features on the site is his pizza reviews. In all of his travels, the company owner makes it a point to stop at as many local pizza places as possible and then film a live review on the street. Known by its catchphrase, "One Bite, Everyone Knows the Rules" the reviews are a viral sensation.

Since his rocketship into stardom, Portnoy has become a somewhat polarizing character, which can lead to some pushback during reviews.

Just over a month ago, in his hometown of Boston, the owner of a pizzeria in the Davis Square area (ironically Dave used to live in that neighborhood) took major issue with Portnoy reviewing his restaurant and confronted him outside, which of course was all caught on tape.

The heated exchange showed the owner yelling at Portnoy (and Portnoy yelling back) telling him he didn't like him and saying he was bad for small businesses. When Dave asked for an example of why he was such a "bad guy" the owner cited a New York Times article attacking Portnoy's business practices and personal life which painted him in a less than flattering light.

Although the Times has not formally printed a retraction, Portnoy has disputed the claims and shared evidence that he believes refutes many of the allegations made against him. Without seeming completely biased in the argument between the two men, it's worth noting that with Portnoy at the helm, Barstool's "Barstool Fund" raised over $40 million dollars for small businesses throughout the U.S. during the pandemic.

The argument continued with personal verbal attacks by both men, and a couple of middle fingers were thrown. You can check out the entire review and argument below and make your own decision. The point is, that once Dave makes an enemy, he comes out guns blazing and it ends with a scathing statement about the business.

Dave Portnoy Says This Massachusetts Pizzeria is the Worst in the United States

Portnoy has since dubbed Dragon Pizza in Somerville, Massachusetts as "the worst pizza place in America"


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The owner has obviously experienced an influx of attention because of the review. One Facebook user recently posted this photo in a North Shore Eats group.


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