Massachusetts shoppers be aware that whether you live or shop in Boston, Springfield, Westfield, Pittsfield, or anywhere in the state you'll want to check your refrigerators and/or freezers. The reason for this is Massachusetts is one of four states where there has been a raw meat recall due to possible fatal reactions.

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The recall is due to an undeclared allergen which is sesame seeds. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to sesame seeds include hives, itchiness inside the mouth, digestive problems, and anaphylaxis.

As reported by the USDA, the following meat products may contain sesame.

  • 16-oz plastic-wrapped tray package containing Samsa Halal
  • 12-oz plastic-wrapped tray package containing M&P Delicacies Lamb Dumplings Lamb Samsa

The raw, frozen lamb and beef Samsa items were produced between Jan. 2, 2024, and Feb. 22, 2024, and have a shelf-life of one year according to the USDA.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the USDA at  (888-674-6854) or you can send an email to You can read more about the meat recall and get additional contact information by going here.

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