With so many options it's no surprise that many people enjoy visiting the Berkshires on a regular basis. Working in Great Barrington I see many out-of-state license plates, particularly in the summer season. During the summertime when I have to drive from WSBS Radio on Stockbridge Road to the Great Barrington VFW for our weekly "Sounds of Summer" concert, I have to remind myself that I need extra time due to the heavy tourist traffic. I can't blame folks for wanting to be part of our culture. When you look at all the Berkshires has to offer including fine dining, live music, and antique shops galore, along with a host of locally owned shops, Great Barrington along with Berkshire County in general is a hotbed for tourist activity.

We know for sure that Berkshire County is a tourist destination, I don't think anybody can argue that fact. But how about folks that are of retirement age?

Is Berkshire County a Popular Destination for Folks Who Want to Retire?

According to Stacker, when seniors aged 65 years or older decide on where they want to live out their golden years, they consider very specific factors, such as the cost of living, government services, health care facilities, weather and overall climate, crime rate, outdoor recreational activities, eating establishments, cultural and entertainment opportunities, and more. Berkshire County checks a majority of those boxes for retirement living.

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According to a study published by Stacker (which used data by Niche) entitled Best Counties to Retire to in Massachusetts nine out of the 14 counties in Massachusetts made the list and Berkshire County ranked very well coming in at number two. According to the study, these were the Niche grades for the Berkshires.

  • Good for Retirees (B+)
  • Cost of Living (B-)
  • Weather (C-)
  • Outdoor Activities (A)

What are the Top Places to Retire in Berkshire County According to the Study? 

  • Williamstown  (A+)
  • Lenox (A)
  • Lanesborough (A-)

I was quite surprised that Great Barrington and Stockbridge didn't make the list but when and if the study is updated for this year maybe we'll see a different outcome. Berkshire County missed the number one position to Barnstable County. You can read more about the study and check out the nine-county list by going here.

If you're considering an ideal place for retirement, you may want to consider the Berkshires. It's pretty likely that you won't regret living in our beautiful county.

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