During last Saturday's snowstorm, members of Retro Fitness on Merrill Rd. in Pittsfield were left perplexed by the chains and lock on the glass doors to its entrance. Rumors of unpaid taxes began to circulate as well as other presumptions.

It was business as usual this week until the gym had posted a sign on the door alerting patrons of its forthcoming closure.


I was able to catch up with a gym member exiting the facility and asked him what the Retro staff were telling him about the news.

He had said to me that the employees "had just found out" along with the members that the gym would be closing by month's end and that "there was an additional sign near the locker room" that said the gym would be closing on Mar. 22.

He expressed frustration along with sadness that the gym he goes to three times a week was going to be no longer.

Pittsfield is home to two "big box" gyms, Retro Fitness as well as Planet Fitness across the street.

Story to be updated...

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