Massachusetts is one of the top states in America for higher education. With institutions like MIT, Harvard University, Boston College, and Williams College, it's no surprise that Massachusetts is recognized as a prime state for a quality college education.

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Naturally when shopping around for a college education you want to be in a safe area. Sure, there are many great colleges throughout the country but some contain a lot of crime which makes the learning and on-campus living experience stressful, to say the least. If you are looking to Massachusetts for a college education you may want to know which towns have very little crime.

The 4th Safest College Towns in America are Located in Massachusetts

The safest college town in America is located in Massachusetts and we discussed this in a previous post which you can check out here. Wellesley is another Massachusetts college town that ended up on the list published by As a matter of fact, Wellesley is the 4th safest college town in America for 2024. Here's the site's review of Wellesley.

Aside from being among the top 5 safest college towns in the U.S., Wellesley is also among the safest cities in Massachusetts and across America. In 2018, the city experienced some violent crimes, while the property crime rate went down versus the previous year. It is home to the famous Babson World Globe, a 28-foot, 25-ton freestanding giant globe at the entrance of Babson College.

  • Population: 29,681
  • Colleges: Wellesley College and Babson College
  • Undergrad population: 4,753
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.4
  • Property Crime Rate: 4.2

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Some other Massachusetts College Towns that Made the Top 25 Include the Following:

  • #14 Beverly
  • #16 North Andover
  • #25 Bridgewater

So if you plan on attending college in Massachusetts and safety is a priority, you have plenty of options here in the Bay State. Here's to a safe, educational, and joyful college experience. Happy hunting.

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