While Six Flags New England is heading into the tail end of their 2019 season, the park is already excited about a new ride for the 2020 season.

Yesterday, the park announced a new thrill ride called Supergirl Sky Flyer set to debut next season in the DC Universe section of the park.

According to the Agawam theme park, the ride is meant to mimic Supergirl’s stamina and strength through spinning and tilting that inverts at 80 degrees from a massive whirling wheel. The wheel raises as riders are jolted into a high-speed spin with open-air seats.  The ride starts with the wheel spining horizontally, but then raises to a vertical position as the speed increases. At its peak, the 24-riders will reach a maximum spinning height of 67 feet in the air.

Check out this video below of what the ride will be like when complete.

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