Massachusetts saw its first snowfall for 2024 over the weekend and some towns and cities collected over a foot of snow including Lowell, Fitchburg, South Hadley, and Haverhill just to name a few. Other towns were spared and may have only ended up with 3-6 inches or 5-8 while others received as little as 2-3 inches. The point is many areas of Massachusetts woke up to the first snowfall of the season on Jan. 7

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With significant snowfall comes the cleanup chores. Whether it's shoveling, plowing, or snow blowing Massachusetts residents spent a good part of Sunday digging out of their driveways.

Some People Can't Remove Snow on Their Own

As we all know, some people are unable to remove snow on their own. One reason could be because they have physical limitations. Perhaps they don't have a snowblower or plow to do the job. Other folks may live alone and don't have a loved one or partner who can tackle the task for them if they aren't well. Whatever the reason may be there are folks out there who have to hire someone to snowblow or plow their driveway.

What is the Average Cost of Snow Removal in Massachusetts? 

If you have been thinking about hiring a snow removal service you may be wondering what the average cost is to get the job done. According to ProMatcher the average cost for plowing or removal in Massachusetts is $49.30 per visit for a typical driveway and sidewalk. The range is $43.82 - $54.77. If you choose the snow-blow option the average cost is $90.00 per hour. The range is $61.67 - $54.77. According to the site, the cost to snow blow a typical driveway and sidewalk is $77.92 per visit. The range is $56.67 - $99.17. ProMatcher also gives the option to search snow removal costs by town and/or city which you can view by going here.

Whether you can remove your snow on your own or if you have to hire a service one thing is for sure, Massachusetts is known for getting some significant snowstorms. You never know when the next one could strike so it's always a good idea to be prepared and have a snow removal plan in action.

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