Other than the early April snowstorm we had a few weeks ago, Massachusetts has been experiencing some normal temperatures lately. As the temperatures warm up many folks are getting in a summer state of mind whether it's planning vacations, working on their beach bods, or getting the bikes out for some warm weather rides.

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Massachusetts Could Fine You For Keeping Those Studded Snow Tires on Your Vehicle for Too Long

Another sign that summer is getting closer is the fact that Massachusetts motorists have to get their studded snow tires removed from their vehicles at the end of April. While it is legal to have studded snow tires on your car during winter months, April 30th is the last day you can have them on your car. If you keep your studded snow tires on beyond that date you could be hit with a $50 fine. Now who wants that when that money could go toward summer fun?

There are Additional Ways You'll Be Wasting Money by Keeping Your Studded Snow Tires on Your Car During the Warm Months

In addition to the legal aspect, it's costly in other ways to drive on studded snow tires in the summer as they will wear out much faster and your miles per gallon efficiency will be greatly reduced.

Just a Friendly Reminder to Massachusetts Motorists

No matter where you live in Massachusetts, Boston, Springfield, Worcester, or everywhere in between this serves as a friendly reminder to get those studded snow tires off your vehicle by April 30th and save yourself some money in more ways than one.

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