Today is a holiday in Massachusetts, and we're not talking about Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even Easter, we're talking about St. Patrick's Day!

After a long two years of pandemic life, it looks for the first time Massachusetts residents will get to celebrate March 17 in a proper way for the first time since 2019.

While St. Patrick's Day is traditionally an Irish holiday celebrating the feast day of their patron saint, originally celebrated with religious feasts and services, it has since become a celebration of Irish culture in the U.S. The Americanized version of the holiday has more to do with green beer rather than an actual celebration of the Irish culture, but you know, that's just what we do.

So I thought that given the high population of Irish decedents living in the Bay State that we for sure would take the cake as the top St. Patrick's Day spenders in the U.S., but it turns out that's just not that case.

A new survey reveals that Massachusetts is a lot further down on the list than one might think, but naturally, places that are more expensive in general and have a higher cost of living ranked higher on the list. But hello, Boston ain't cheap, so I was still surprised to see that Massachusetts ranked at NUMBER 9 on the list of states that spend the most, according to a Fox news station.

What State Spends the Most Per Person on St. Patrick's Day

  1. New Jersey: $57.76
  2. District of Columbia: $56.67
  3. Nevada: $53.18
  4. Hawaii: $52.50
  5. Michigan: $52.33
  6. Texas: $49.94
  7. Florida: $49.52
  8. Wisconsin: $48.54
  9. Massachusetts: $48.16
  10. New York: $46.58

What State Drinks the Most Per Person on St. Patrick's Day?


  1. Pennsylvania: 4.26 drinks
  2. Minnesota: 4.19 drinks
  3. Mississippi: 4.16 drinks
  4. Missouri: 4.07 drinks
  5. Nevada: 3.92 drinks
  6. North Dakota: 3.88 drinks
  7. Massachusetts: 3.80 drinks
  8. West Virginia: 3.75 drinks
  9. Florida: 3.68 drinks
  10. Wyoming: 3.60 drinks

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