Pittsfield Public Schools are back in session come Sept.1, (Sept. 8 for K), and everyone has got to mask up until at least Oct. 1 when they take a look at the COVID infection rate at that time.

Slater had the chance to speak with Pittsfield Public Schools' Superintendent Joe Curtis on Tuesday morning about what back to school looks like for 2021/2022.

Slater: What is the deal with mask mandate? Is anyone exempt? Is this until further notice?

Slater: Students and parents alike really seemed to dislike remote learning, as it was challenging on many levels. Is that an option again this year?

Slater: Do we have data on the number of teachers vaccinated? Students?

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Slater: What other protocols are in place for mitigating COVID-19?

Slater: What's the deal with after-school activities? Sports, etc...

Slater: Should students stay home if they are at all symptomatic?

Slater: Have you heard from parents who are staunchly against their child wearing a mask? What can be done about that?

You can listen to Superintendent Joe Curtis give monthly updates on what's happening within the Pittsfield Public School system on Slater and Marjo In The Morning.


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