Many Massachusetts families will come together this Sunday to celebrate Easter. Reflecting on the holiday's true meaning will be shared by many in the Bay State and enjoying an afternoon or evening feast will be part of the holiday festivities.

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Massachusetts Target Shoppers Take Note as The Retailer Will Be Closed on Sunday

If you have been tasked with preparing this Sunday's meal it's worth noting that while some stores will be open other stores specifically Target will be closed. While this is a wonderful gift from the retailer to its team members, if you are a Target shopper you'll want to complete your Easter shopping duties before Sunday.

Massachusetts Folks Will Have a Shopping Option This Sunday After All 

The last thing you want to do on Easter Sunday is shop especially if you are hosting a meal. However, forgetting an important ingredient or running out of essentials occasionally happens on holidays. It's worth noting that another big retailer will be open on March 31st.

Which Big Name Retailer Will Be Open This Sunday in Massachusetts?

Whether you live in Worcester, Chicopee, Framingham, and everywhere in between, if you need to make a quick trip to the store on Easter Sunday you'll be happy to know that Walmart will be open that day. So if you have to pick up household essentials like bread, milk, coffee, or diapers you can rest easy knowing that Walmart will have you covered on March 31.

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