Blossom Berry has been employed by Target in Lanesborough for three years now. Now, normally I wouldn't take notice of a big box store cashier, but something about Blossom was different.

Back in March of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, big retailers such as Target were considered essential and were super busy.

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Berry, who suffers from respiratory issues, said the pandemic really worried her in the beginning. Her doctor told her if she had planned on continuing to work with the public she would need some preventative meds.

If you ever shop at Target and Blossom was your cashier, you'll notice she wears a face shield and not a mask. Her respiratory issues are the reason she CAN'T wear a mask due to breathing troubles.


So, let's get this straight. The worst (respiratory illness) pandemic in 100 years that has killed more than 500,000 people in the USA hits and Blossom still goes to work because "she cares about and loves the people".

Today is International Women's Day, and Blossom Berry is my choice of recognition.

Berry, who was born in Hawaii and is often heard greeting customers with "Aloha" and thanking them with "Mahalo", has nothing but wonderful things to say about Target as an employer and how seriously they took the pandemic in terms of cleaning and social distancing measures.

Although her disposition is pleasant, Blossom will tell ya to back up if you're too close and also will letcha ya know when it's your turn to put your items on the checkout conveyer belt!

Always greeting you with a smile, Berry claims her survey scores are A+.

Usually, I crumple up the receipt and toss the survey invite in the trash; however, Blossom's customer service skills had me opening up my laptop when I got home and filling it out.

Blossom and her husband Joe, who works for Berkshire Medical Center, reside in Adams.

When at Target earlier today asking if Blossom was working, her manager, Joel, told me "We're lucky to have her".

Marjo and I spoke of Blossom last week on the radio and she had said several customers and managers alike had said something to her about it.

Well deserved respect, Blossom!

Berry says her mother was her inspiration growing up.

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