If you've seen the "Anti-Hero" video, you may have noticed Massachusetts comedian Mike Birbiglia.

Birbiglia has certainly grown on me. As a lover of comedy, I really enjoy being exposed to new comics on Netflix. I discovered this dude circa 2017 and have been a fan since, although, I'm loving him more lately.

Mike Birbiglia

The Shrewsbury, MA native dropped a new special on the streaming platform called, "The Old Man and The Pool" which is chock full of funny anecdotes of health scares, heartfelt family situations and more.

Taylor Swift "Anti-Hero" Video

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When the "Anti-Hero" video was released I was surprised to learn that Mike Birbiglia made a cameo. Swift's videos are massively entertaining, but I just not understand the connection here. Until now.

Apparently Birbiglia performed ten nights at The Wilbur Theatre in Boston, MA back in December and recently sat down for an interview in which he explains how he ended up in the video.

I’m an old friend of Jack Antonoff, who writes and produces with her. I was at something she was at and it just so happened she was [working on] the video for “Antihero” at that moment. I think it just occurred to her: “Oh, this is the dystopian nightmare of who my son would be". -boston.com

This guy is really funny and I suggest you check him out where ever you can stream or see him.

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