Fall has arrived in Massachusetts and it's time to get into everything fall which includes pumpkins! We'll help you out with ten spots that'll surely satisfy your pumpkin patch searching endeavors.

The 10 Best Places To Go Pumpkin Picking In Massachusetts

1. Brooksby Farm (54 Felton St. PEABODY, MA)

2. Connors Farm (30 Valley Rd. DANVERS, MA)


3. Ioka Valley Farm (3475 Rte. 43 HANCOCK, MA)



Pumpkin picking is super fun and kids love it. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes and talking about what you'd like to carve in your pumpkin is always interesting. Pumpkin carving kits are very affordable, to boot.

4. Hanson's Farm (20 Nixon Rd. FRAMINGHAM, MA)


5. Marshall Farms (171 Harrington Ave. CONCORD, MA)


6. Boston Hill Farm (1370 Turnpike St. NORTH ANDOVER, MA)


7. Taft Farms (119 Park St. GREAT BARRINGTON, MA)


Taft Farm
Taft Farm

8. Clearview Farm (4 Kendall Hill Rd. STERLING, MA)


9. Cider Hill Farm (45 Fern Ave. AMESBURY, MA)

10. Marini Farm (259 Linebrook Rd. IPSWICH, MA)


Usually pumpkin picking is accompanied with a ton of other activities for the kids. Hay rides, apple cider stands, slides, crafts and more.

Some Cool Pumpkin FAQs

Pumpkins that are uncut can last as long as 3 months.

Pumpkins contain up to 500 seeds.

Pumpkins are REALLY good for you in terms of nutrition.

The largest pumpkin ever weighed was about 2600 lbs.

Pumpkins are a fruit and not a vegetable.

There are over 45 varieties of pumpkins.

Most of the pumpkins are bought in October.

There are no pumpkins grown in Antartica.

The Smashing Pumpkins are a famous and iconic alternative rock band from Chicago.

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