There is no shortage of great restaurants and eateries throughout the Berkshires. That happens to include bakeries. Recently, one bakery in particular was named the 'Best Bakery in Massachusetts' and it happens to be conveniently located right here in the Berkshires.

The publication, '24/7 Wall St.', recently went out of their way to research what the best bakery is in every state. They did this using such outlets as food publications like 'Eater', 'Mashed', 'Taste Of Home', 'Love Food', and more. And once again, like many other great restaurants and eateries that we are lucky enough to have in our proximity, a certain bakery has not one, but two locations within the Berkshires.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery has been named as the 'Best Bakery in Massachusetts'. The bakery has two locations, one in Pittsfield and one in Housatonic. There's a chance that you and anyone who owns a TV might know the bakery pretty well by now. It has made appearances on the Netflix documentary, 'Cooked'.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery has also been featured on the Food Network in a feature as well, along with owner Richard Boudon.

In naming the 'Best Bakery in Massachusetts', the recommended menu item to sample at Berkshire Mountain Bakery is the Jalapeno & Cheese Mini Ciabatta, which just sounds amazing without even having to see, smell, or taste it. Then again, I'd also love to try their Bread & Chocolate any day of the week.

And their pizza looks pretty fantastic, too!

Regardless of what you get there, it's tough to go wrong since they are the best bakery in the Bay State. Their Pittsfield location is at 180 Elm Street while their Housatonic spot is at 367 Park Street (Rte. 183).

We're pretty lucky to have such great bakery joints relatively close by!

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